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Applications for Linux

On Linux you can not use the applications like you used to do it on Windows. There are specific programs for linux. Sure, you can use an emulator for windows-programs, but that's a story for the 'advanced-section' :-).
On of the most famous argument against using Linux is "I can't do the same as I can do on my Windows, because there aren't the same applications". Well, I don't have to explain that MS Office is not available for Linux -hi. But there are a lot of good, and sometimes, much better applications to get.

Here's just a small assortment, there are such alot of differen applications available - it's impossible to make a list of all (is there anyone who knows all good applications? I guess it's impossible ^-^)

Alternativly you can visit the Debian Package Page or RPM-Seek

OpenOffice.org capacious office package
StarOffice similar to open office
kOffice a great KDE-project

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