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Linux in general

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating-system. It's a well-known example of Open-Source development and free-software.
Source-Codes can be freely modified and everyone has the possibility to creat one's own distribution. In front of all Linux is used on server, mobile-phones and super-computer. On desktops it doesn't play a major role at the moment. But distributions get improved continued and nowadays it's not a mystery that LINUX can mess with Windows.
There're alot of different and also similar distributions available. Hope you get an overview here, I collected the most popular distributions here.

I use DEBIAN as my favourite distribution, had the first contact with it in 2001 and uninstalled the last MS Windows in Aug 2006. I'm running Debian 7 Stable on my desktop at home (AMD64, 3,2GHz, 4GB RAM), on the desktop in the garden (where the Top Band station is) (Pentium III, 755MHz, 512MB RAM) and on my Notebooks (Toshiba Satellita A100-507, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge, Asus eeePC and Acer X5DIJ)

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