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Linux and Amateur-Radio

More and more HAM's change their operating system. We won't talk about the reasons why but rather about the programs for Linux which are useable for us.

The most important is a log book program. Well, there are several good applications available. My personal favorite logging software is CQRlog.

It has lots of usefull features like cluster connection, RBN-connection (you can see your own spots on a world map when calling CQ, so you directly see from where you get spots), connection to LotW and eQSL, Super Check Parial and, since it's a mySQL-Database, you can run it on a server and connect from a client. Very useful when operating from a big station where each band is in a different room, or when you operate from different locations. Of course you can connect your radio and rotator (hamlib is supported) and you can also use a CW-interface, it supports CW-Daemon and Winkey. The developer are very active and open to suggestions.

Contest Logging
The promise, to have a program as good as cqrlog is about to get true with CQRTest. But we still need to be patient...
meanwhile I can recommend a program called tlf. It is very nice, you can configure your own contests or just use it for regular QSOs. It is very similar to CT.

I use DEBIAN, more information about this distribution you get on http://packages.debian.org/stable/hamradio/. There are also a lot of HAM-programs available - I try to give you a short view. I like to work with Linux - it's a very very great operating system - try it!

S-Parameter and SPICE-Simulation
If you are familiar with Agilents ADS you will like to work with Qucs as well. You can model almost everything you want like S-Parameters (including reading .sNp-files) SPICE-simulation, Parameter-Sweep, Noise Analysis... + Optimization with asco. After successful simulation you can continue using the schematic to create a layout. The best and most easy way to do so is with LayoutEditor.

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