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...Carp Fishing...

I really like to go carp-fishing. Going for carps is not similar to fly fishing because you have to spend a couple of hours/days/weeks at one place. You have to find the fishes (read the lake), put some fodding on this place to lure these large, slowly and unhurried fishes and keep them on place. And you have to wait... waiting, waiting and waiting again. It's always like an short holiday for me. Usually I spend at least two nights on the lake when I'm going for carps :-).

my car, loaded for a 48hr-trip

pile of two carphunters baggage (my stuff and that of a friend of mine)

What a cold night! Ice on my tent

fog over the pond, early in the morning

our two tents

two carps *yummi* (I always do catch&release by bigger fishes)

a 20pnd (~10kg) carp

my tent on the lake

my buddies on my boat - fighting with something big

Don't mess with 'Andre' :-)

3 carps, ready for the smoke

my rod-pod

another carp (catched (and released) in autumn

bait-boat, built by an friend, heading for a hot spot

I'll add some more photos soon :-)