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About me

My name is André Schoch and I was born in the former German Democratic Republic. My hobbies are fishing, HAM-radio, electronics and being outdoor with my road bike. I studied Electronics (RF Engineering and mathematics) in Ilmenau and work at Rohde&Schwarz in Munich.

I came in touch with radio waves first when I was 9 or 10 years old. The CB-radio got popular in Germany and my father installed a CB-transceiver in our car. A few weeks later I had my own CB-rig at home and talked to local guys.....but that wasn't very interesting for me. I was interested in DX - so I tried DX on the CB-Band. It was quite funny! I don't remember how many countries I worked but I have QSL-cards from all over the world - worked in FM on 11m Band! I guess this was the time when the HF-DX-virus got me!! I learned CW at the age of 11 or 12 years.
As soon as possible I passed the exam and got the call DL4UNY My first QSO was with DM3XPN - Bernd.
My rig was a FT-897D with 100W and a 30m long wire. Not more, although I worked 164 DXCC in the first year on 80-10m. But, you know, humans always want things they don't have yet - that's why I was interested on Top Band since the first day I had the licence. As often as I had the possibility I operated our former Club station on Top Band. There wasn't any 160m Antenna but there was a balanced tuner which allowed tuning a 2x20m antenna.
I set up a TB-antenna in my parents backyard, I used a fibreglass mast, 12m high. I matched the 12m vertical with a big loading coil and it did a fine job... but for European stations only. The greatest moment was my first DX on 160: VY2ZM / 20.05.2003 / 0304z / 1826 / 559 / 539 At my former home wasn't enough space for a TB-antenna, there I had a G5RV only. In my parents yard is enough space for an antenna, but there is no heating. It's impossible to have a CW-QSO after a couple of hours in a room with minus degrees... but since the 160m-addiction was stronger than anything else I operated and still operate from there :)... I feel like the Michelin-Guy when I'm operating on TB...

Years ago I startet high speed telegraphy. I turned my keyer that fast that I was not able to produce a 'sense-making' sign. After a few weeks of practice I entered the hig-speed-club (HSC) in February 2004... more about my Telegraphy-Career on High Speed Telegraphy