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From Michael B. at 21.08.2023 23:54:06
Lasse mal viele Grüße hier!

War letztens mal an der Kober zum

Grüße aus Chemnitz

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From Vu3sxe/ Sundeep Shah at 01.10.2021 14:52:30
I hv sent you a mail as a member of BARC
bangalore, 73. Vu3sxe.

From IK2LRN at 14.12.2020 07:53:17
Hi, do you have a spare Hermes PCBs ?
I have purchased all the components but the only PCB
available has been damaged.

From Heijo/EA8OM at 29.06.2020 21:26:00
Höre gerade Deinem chat mit TZ4AM auf 20m zu. Bin seit 7 Monaten im Winterquartier
auf Teneriffa; Freitag gehts heim nach München.

From Karl Hader at 03.06.2020 14:34:21
Tolle HP.
Danke f.d Infos!
73 karl

From OE1TKW at 12.04.2020 13:12:45
Sehr motivierend Deine homepage lb Andy.
Hoffe wir sehen uns wieder bei der nächsten HST.
Helmut, OE1TKW

From TF3JA at 19.03.2020 12:40:36
nice page with intersting instuctions on
how to learn CW .. are you still active?
73 de TF3JA

From at

From HA8JP at 14.04.2012 23:40:27
Hello André!

Nice website! I hope so we meet Ilmenau.

73 DX HA8JP op.Tibi

From Yuvaraj.S at 31.03.2012 09:27:51
Hi. Buddy, i miss u :( take care and keep in touch always bye all the best for your project DL4uny,S :)

From Vincent/F0GXR at 23.02.2012 00:17:30
Hi André,

Gute Website!




From Dusan/YU1EA at 18.11.2011 19:29:23
Well done DL4UNY!

From Bat-Erdene/JT1CS at 16.11.2011 14:07:05
Hello Andre,

It was very interesting to see photos of your fishing adventure. Enjoy your camping and fishing.

And wish you good luck to your Ham radio and HST.

73s, Bat-Erdene

From DD8ZJ at 29.10.2011 22:17:25
Hallo Andre,
toll das wir uns in BI auf der HST
kennen gelernt haben.
Ich hoffe das wir (DL8KX und DD8ZJ) auch mal nach Ilmenau kommen können.
Bis dahin über ich noch etwas CW.
Tschau und --... ...--

From Craig Maxey/8R1EA at 28.10.2011 17:28:53
Andre, I will give DF0HQ an 8R1 mult this weekend. Please look for me on 10 Mtrs.....Craig, 8R1EA

From Masanori / JO2SLZ at 27.10.2011 16:36:42
Hello, Andre

Nice meeting you at Bielefeld for HST2011.
Thank you for your advice.
I will keep practicing my CW.

All the best for your QRQ.
73, JO2SLZ Masanori

From Fritz / HB9CSA at 26.10.2011 17:55:11
Hi Andre,
es hat mich sehr gefreut Dich bei der HST´2011 kennenzulernen.
Weiterhin viel Spass und Erfolg bei CW.
Vy73 AWDH/S de Fritz

From 5A1A & DL1AL Abubaker at 25.10.2011 12:56:31
Hallo Andre
I was nice to meet you during the Activties of HST2011 ,keep up the good Work on CW and I am looking forward to meet you again in another Events as well on the Air.
With my best Wishes

Abubaker 5A1A & DL1AL

From g7jvg at 14.09.2011 00:05:12
hi andre,
just sitting back with my coffee rxing to you on 14.213 and hope to qso with sometime...

de al

From Kazu / JA1IST at 21.08.2011 20:21:06
Andre, TKS for your QSL via airmail.

Also, TKS for Eye-Ball QSO during last Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen.

All the best and good DX.

73 Kazu

From Bruce Sutherland - KO4IN at 13.06.2011 00:58:43
Hi Andre, very nice to have a QSO with you today. Sorry we couldn't talk longer but you had quite a "pile up" on you at the time. Hope to talk again soon on 20m or 40m.

From Simone IS0AFM at 05.05.2011 01:41:30
Hi Andre...big pleasure visit your vy
interesting web site too, and also i know
more and more abt you great Cw
skills..Glad abt you play HST with Begali
keys..Hope can catch you on air not so
far..For now best regards
Simon IS0AFM .-.-. ...-.-

From EA5GNI at 30.04.2011 22:07:48
Good talking to you!

With guys like you hamradio will last
for many more years.

Take care and best 73's


From iw3ids Francesco at 21.04.2011 17:22:00
Great job abt hst!

vy 73 de iw3ids Cesco

From HA7AP at 26.02.2011 10:09:53
Hi Andre!
Beautiful web site.
Hope to work you on the band sometimes.

From IK0XCB at 23.01.2011 13:13:41
Hello Andre,
best 73 for you.
Excellent internet site, congrats.

From W4MZV at 21.01.2011 13:13:43
hey there andre,
great story about your cw-life. but you forgot the begali sculpture in your review - it's one of the best begali-keys. but you're right, begali is like a ferrari.

From JG1eiQ at 29.12.2010 23:47:04
Hi Andre.
Mini tnx for QSO tonight.
I also enjoy fishing but with lure.

Hope you get a big fish in Y2011.

Toru / JG1eiQ

From IZ1DFF at 29.12.2010 22:56:15
Hi Andrè, now I'm listening your good QSO with JA6JNF, you are a train! Wonderful! Also your site is amazig!

FB Andrè,I hope to meet you on air... in cw mode, sure!

Marco IZ1DFF

From munhzul at 04.11.2010 08:22:10
hello Andre how are you

From Andres, EA2AJB at 17.10.2010 18:29:57
Hey Andre, thanks for nice QSO! Nice website!
hp cu agn!

From Sushil, VU2SD at 03.09.2010 14:19:02
Hello my dear Andre. Nice website. Nice seeing you here in India!
73 de Sushil, VU2SD

From VU2PAI - Pai at 27.02.2010 13:38:03

From Martin at 15.10.2009 13:15:35
well i have found you :-)

From YT7AW at 17.09.2009 17:24:48
Hey Andre
just stopped by to see some pics...but none?
...best 73 Dr Watson
Sherlock :)