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...Fly Fishing...

Fly fishing is the best way to enjoy the nature and to relax, I believe! First you have to watch the nature and insects living there closely. You've to make notes and sketches about their lookout (body-type, color etc). With that sketches you go on the table and try to tie them on a hook. All done - the fishing starts. With waders you go in the river, watch the water closely, looking for so called 'hot spots' and then - make some elegant motions to bring out your fly into the river where you believe the fish is. Unfortunately it's difficult to make some photos of oneself during being in the river :-(. Anyway, I got some snaps :-) (click to enlarge)

it's me, in a small river called Ilm


got a small brown trout

large brown trout (41cm)


so called hot spot

another snap of the small Ilm

me, fishing in the 'Mulde'

got a knot in the line :-)

Mulde again
I'll add some more photos soon :-)