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...DL4UNY on 160/80...

I really enjoy working on the low-bands. From 2003 to 2010 I worked from several QTH's, but not contest-orientet or whatever. Just when I was in the mood I switched to 160/80 and made contacts there. But nowadays it's not that easy for me to be QRV there as it was in the past years. I live in a standard city apartment in the outskirts of Munich, a horrible place for lowband activities. So I have no other choice than driving 400km to my former QTH in Saxony and play from there. Luckily, I already worked many DXCC on 160 so that there's not much left. Though I enjoy listening on 160m from my city apartment.
Right now I have 204 DXCC worked and 189 confirmed on 160.
My standard rig on 160m is FT-1000D / FT-1000MP or K3, a homemade kW amplifier,a top loaded 22m vertical with approx. 40 radials between 5m and 30m, 4-6 beverage antennas and a coaxial loop receiving antenna.