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Welcome at my shack

After living in a tiny student apartment with all the usual antenna restrictions the city center for about six years I was looking forward for a better future regarding radio, but live guided me into the most expensive city of Germany... Now I'm a RF engineer at Rohde&Schwarz in Munich and live in a standard city apartment. Neighbours complained when I installed a thin wire from my balcony to a nearby tree, so once more I had to step back and reinstall the magnetic loop again, as only option. After a few optimization steps it works quite well and I can launch some RF power on 40-15m.
During the past years, most of my QSOs were made from our club station (DF0HQ) or from my parents place. Both places are more than 400km away from my current QTH. The transceivers I mainly use are:
  • TS-850SAT
  • TS-930SAT
  • FT-1000MP
  • FT-1000D (my Lowband-Radio)
  • K3 for 160m and 6m

  • When I was a student, the only place to put antennas was on my balcony. So I've tried several mobile-antennas, for example the well-known outbacker, a ProAm mobile monobander for 20m and a Cushcraft monobander for 15m. These all worked quite fine, it's sufficient to chat with friends on the high bands. To stay in touch with local high speed CW guys I used a magnetic loop with about 1.6m diameter. The capacitors are made out of RG-213. You see - even in a small department at the 6th floor in the middle of a city it's possible to get on the air :)
    People often ask me about the brand of CW paddle I use, but there is really no answer to that. I use any paddle avaialable. Though my favorites are single lever keys like the Begali HST or the Kent single lever, I own Schurr Paddles, several Begali Paddles, Bencher, MFJ... but the key I use the most on radio is ALT+K ;) ;)
    That was my shack when I was a student.

    here I'm testing my new Begali HST key

    my antenna in the student hostel: