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Welcome at my shack

Welcome to my shack. From my student flat I hardly make some QSOs due to antenna-restrictions. Most of my contacts are made from our club station (DF0HQ) or my former QTH (my parents place). I use:
  • TS-850SAT
  • TS-930SAT
  • FT-1000MP
  • 2x FT-1000D (my Lowband-Radio)
  • These Transceivers are doing a great job. At the club I'm using a K3 on 160 and 6 and TS-950 for other bands.
    The only place to put antennas on the student-building is my balcony. So I've tried several mobile-antennas, for example the well-known outbacker, a ProAm mobile monobander for 20m and a Cushcraft monobander for 15m. These all worked quiet fine, it's enough to chat with friends on the high bands. To stay in touch with local high speed CW guys I use a magnetic loop with about 1.6m diameter. The capacitors are made out of RG-213. You see - even in a small department at the 6th floor in the middle of a city it's possible to get on the air :)
    Back to the shack: For Telegraphy I'm using several paddles: a LTA squeeze paddle and a MFJ-564 (squeeze) (I used these keys in first years of my radio career, but now I'm too lazy to put them away from my desk :-)). For QSOs and high speed practice I use an Kent Single Lever and, my favourite key, Begalis HST (single lever, too). My keyers are: MFJ-407D and ETM-9COG.
    that was my shack from 2009 to 2015

    here I'm testing my new Begali HST key