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CW / PTT Interface for CT, Wintest, N1MM or whatever you like :-)

I'm living about 150km away from my parents, and from my former QTH. I still have a shack there, but the problem is that half my equipment is here and half is there. And of course, whatever is needed at one place is left at the other place... so it happened that I visited my family for any birthday party or so and wanted to have some QSOs in a contest that took place that weekend. Since I was not running anything but DX from my old station for years, I had no idea what interfaces are there and what I should take with me. After booting the computer and warming the amp I realized that I have no PTT / CW interface :-(. So I soldered a quick interface with minimal components.
If you are in the same situation - invest some minutes and you will be QRV soon!
This little box provides +12V when TX (I need that for my Antenna-switching-Box because some radios have no separate RX-Antenna input), 2x PTT (for example Transceiver and Amp) and CW-output. Since I still had one switch of the relay unused I connected two LEDs :)