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...DL4UNY on 2m/70cm...

I really have no idea how to work on these bands because I grown up as a short-wave operator. I'm not very interested in 2m-operation, nevertheless I'm QRV there from time to time. During the past days I read in the cluster something about 'sporadic E' and I was able to make some good contacts on 10/6m. So I thought 'QSY to 2m', but at first I had to set up my antenna: you know, I'm on an antenna-restriced area... take a look at the picture of my 'DX-Antenna' :-). After this day (September 2009) I check out the 2m-cluster from time to time and was able to make some good QSOs there.

With this antenna and about 100W on 2m I already worked S5, I, OE, HB9, DL and F!
A simple indoor-yagi :-)