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HST 2009 in Obzor, Bulgaria

In 2009 I was a competitor at the world championship of HST again. We had a lot of fun and it was great to meet old and even new friends again :-)

Beach of Obzor Beach of Obzor
The Obzor-Beach :-)

receiving room receiving room
receiving room

awards ceremony dj1yfk gold medal
awarding ceremony

ceremony W2UP + DL4UNY
awarding ceremony W2UP - Barry and me, DL4UNY

Sveta + Volodia YO8RJV + DL4UNY
UT5URM - Sweta and Volodia, UT1IJ YO8RJV - Bogdan and me, DL4UNY

team Italia Team Mongolia
team Italy l.t.r: me, Chinbat, Ayush, Chinzorig

ha3sy + me
HA3SY - Eszter and me, DL4UNY Team Italy again

Team Mongolia LZ1BP - Todor and me, DL4UNY

YT7AW - Goran YT7AW and DL4UNY - Pipe smoking ;-)

again Goran and me while having a pipe

Chinbat and Chinzorig smoking pipe, too ;-)

Oleg and me Christian, me and Oleg

Oleg, Cristi and Christian NV1P and DJ1YFK

Barry tries an HST-key competition is over...

Oleg and Chinbat Chinzorig with his army uniform

Chinzorig, Oleg, Andrei, Chinbat, Nikolaj and Fabian Mikita and me

Kolja, me and Oleg Alexander, his mother and me

last evening... party :-)

last evening... party :-)

last evening... party :-)

last evening... party :-)


at the beach Eszter at the beach

Bogdan Bogdan and me at 4am :-)

Christian and Andrei