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HST 2010 in Skierniewice, Poland

In 2010 I was a competitor at the IARU Region 1 championship of HST again. We had a lot of fun and it was great to meet old and even new friends again :-)

LZ1PJ - Ivan, DJ1YFK - Fabian, DL8DYL - Irina,
LZ4UU - Iliya

JT1CP - Mijiddorj

Chinbaat, JT1CT, tries to tell us something in english

we had a very good time :-)

Fabian and Piero Begali

Piero and me, DL4UNY

Janetta and me :-)

the evening after the competitions

SV2KBS - Vicky, DL4UNY and SV5DKL - Stathis

JT1MZ - Munhkzul and Iliya, what a nice couple :-)

Andrei Bindasov, EU7KI and me

me, RV9CPV - Evgeni and Chinbaat

the last evening
Ivan with two beautiful women :-)

Siarhei, me and Ilja

Munhkzul, me and Altantuya

Team Mongolia

Munhkzul, Claudio - IK0XCB and Altantuya

Donata and Panayot

Toni and me

Team Mongolia, Panayot - LZ1US and Todor - LZ1BP

Alexey - UA4FDW and me, DL4UNY

Team YO, me and Ludi


Andrei and Ludmilla

me, Evgeni and Omari

Irina and Panayot

Irina and me :-)

Nikita and me

Eszter and Andrei

Eszter and me

the last evening

Nikolaj (EU7KQ) and Elvira (UA4FJ)

Nikita and me, again :-)

Elvira, Anna and me

Chinbat, Altantuya, Andrei, me and Munhkzul