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Cup of Nations in Mogilev, Belarus

In July 2011 I visited Mogilev in east Belarus for a short holiday before the exam period at university starts and in this time I participated in the 7th Cup of Nations in High Speed Telegraphy. I was the only German there but in my opinion it was the best HST-event, ever! I met a lot of old and new friends, we had a lot of fun and it's sure that I want to go back to EW-Land as soon as possible :-)

DL4UNY visits Belarus...

Place of the competition: the Ice Palace in Mogilev

Our hotel

Participants of the Cup of Nations

Team Belarus 1

Team Belarus 2

Team Russia

Opening Ceremony

first evening...

first evening...

second evening...

Stefan, a Belorussian official, and me

IK0XCB - Claudio with our guide Alyona

Cladio with Vasily (EW HST coach)
Germany, Russia, Belarus, Italy...

Claudio, our guide Nastya, and Vasily

Me with our two beautiful Mogilev-guides :-)

at the river bank of the Dnepr

in front of the hotel






Chris, YO8SIH, and Alyona

Assembly of Team Russia in the morning


incredible... handwriting at 220cpm

entrance hall in radio sport school in Minsk


Masters of Radio Sport :-)